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Times Literary Supplement
April 2017, The Decline of the English Novel by Houman Barekat
“Laura Waddell, a writer and a board member of PEN Scotland, reckons outsider status can have an invigorating effect on literary culture. “A lot that happens independently in Scotland and Ireland is a necessary response to geographical distance from London-centric literary press and culture”, she told me. “When a literary culture is positioned as external but in relation to a bigger and more centralized one – distinguished for all kinds of reasons, including local appeal sales, press and national funding bodies – it may give rise to work that is different in style from its bigger neighbour and conceives itself, in part, as ‘different’. The indie publishing scene is thriving at the moment, and innovation often emerges in that context. Literary culture here is self-aware in national identity, and it is the other.””

The Herald
03.03.17 Arts News: Scottish PEN launch Many Voices
“Laura Waddell, Scottish PEN board member, said: “More than ever we need to open up such opportunities to a wider variety of people. Not only is access to writing support important for personal expression, but for all the stories that are yet to be told about the world we live in today.””


The List
Spring 2017, Book Review of Nasty Women
“Laura Waddell’s essay on class and art resonates because she writes the bare, hurtful truth.”

July 2017, Book Review of Nasty Women
“Based on the power in [Laura Waddell’s] essay, we clearly need to hear more from working class women and arguably the publishing industry as a whole has a responsibility to make that happen.”

The Skinny
February 2017, Book Review of Nasty Women
“It’s hard to single out pieces for praise in a collection where each essay is stellar…  Laura Waddell’s vivid evocation of teenage years and the absence of working class stories ‘as though art and education is for one class, and gravy and labour the other’.”

April 2017, Book Review of Nasty Women
“Laura Waddell’s insightful ‘Against Stereotypes: Working Class Girls And Working Class Art’ looks at the inherent restraints to learning and employment in the arts for the working class in a capitalist economic system, a situation which is only getting worse as arts funding is cut alongside that for tertiary education.”

Profiles and Interviews

26.08.16 Good to Meet You, Laura Waddell
“Like many people in the arts, I have a poor life/work balance and feel steeped in what I do, both a curse and a blessing that I wouldn’t trade to make more money in other fields.”

Minor Literatures
27.02.17 Interview alongside Zeba Talkhani on Nasty Women
“Imagine how many incredible writers have been overlooked over the years, for us never to know, because they faced barriers to publication. Pushing past barriers to publication is as important for the individual as it is for the integrity and quality of literature itself.”

Nothing in the Rule Book
11.04.17 Interview
“I’ve had times in my life when I’ve been utterly consumed by the need to write, and times when I’ve felt too dispirited to pick up a pen.”

27.01.17 Event Preview Questionnaire
“To bolster resolve, Rebecca Solnit’s Men Explain Things to Me. To find meaning and beauty in everyday surroundings, the Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams. To encourage writers to push through censorship, a blank notebook.”


Features and Case Studies

My daily poetry newsletter and twitter account, Lunchtime Poetry, is featured in an article in The Guardian.
13.10.16 TinyLetter: The Saviour of Modern Poetry? 
“Laura Waddell began her TinyLetter, Lunchtime Poetry, to make poetry a more regular part of her own routine…”
and Mslexia Issue 73, 2017: Get Creative with TinyLetter
“…Laura Waddell ‘created what I wished existed’ with Lunchtime Poetry, which delivers a hand-picked poem every weekday.”

Blogging For Writers – Book
My online promotional event #ETeaParty is featured as a case study in the book Blogging For Writers
and Pop.Edit.Lit feature/interview


Trade Announcements and News 

The Bookseller
13.01.17 Writers to protest ‘slide into fascism’ as Trump takes office.
‘”As Trump takes office in just a few days and the UK faces its own crisis in the wake of Brexit, the need to stand up for free expression and human rights becomes increasingly pressing,” added Laura Waddell.’

11.05.17 De Waal and McMillan to feature in new working class anthology.
Listed alongside other contributors of the book Know Your Place

20.10.17 Welsh, Kelman and Fagan shortlisted at 2016 Saltire Society Literary Awards
and 21.10.17 The Herald
Shortlisted for Emerging Publisher of the Year

14.01.17 Writers plan protest ahead of Trump inauguration day
“Writers Resist London will join over 50 cities worldwide in reaffirming a commitment to a tolerant and diverse society through panel discussion and poetry readings from literary voices.”