Fiction / Creative


Arrows and Exit Paths
3:AM Magazine
“A small, calm, unisex figure, crudely drawn like a woodcut illustrates this silently, sliding smoothly with one hand raised as if waving from a carnival ride. The blank face displays no facial expression.”

Is the Novel Dead?
“Is your Kindle haunted? Is your font funereal?”

Research Has Shown
Contribution to the Dangerous Women Project, a creative manifesto on women’s speech in response to research into gendered speech patterns.
“Polish your brass until it shines; pass the cloth to others only after you’re done with it. Whoever heard of an orchestra with just a tuba?”

Reads of the Year
Queen Mobs
“Maybe I need 0 ways with kale, and to stop buying it.”

Saturday Sun 
In response to a brief from project 26 Under a Northern Sky with writers’ collective 26.
“H E X H A M. Short sharp ink strokes. A network of straight lines: letters fit for a timetable with their A to Z construction and efficient journey of shape.”

Inner Workings
Contribution to 26 Postcodes, an allocated 62 words in response to postcode WN5 0JL. Inspired by the Heinz factory, a newspaper clipping of 1960s tour guides, and the 1961 cover for Modern Packaging magazine.


Seen/Unseen, a pamphlet edited by Katy Hastie (2017)
In response to an assigned artwork, recently displayed for the first time, I wrote a short ekphrastic prose piece in response to Interior – Santa Maria Della Salute, Venice, by Francis Cadell.

Parallel Magazine Issue 7 (2016)
It’ll Be Fine, a short story



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