Articles / Essays

I’ve been published in the Guardian, Independent, the List, Sunday Mail, and others. Here’s a selection.

Book Contributions

Digital Currency
How literary culture utilises digital data and how this impacts publishing.
Essay in anthology The Digital Critic, a non-fiction anthology on literary criticism in the digital era, edited by Houman Barekat, Robert Barry and David Winters, published by O/R Books, NYC, 2017

Working Class Girls and Working Class Art
A personal exploration of working against stereotype and the importance of arts access. Essay in Nasty Women, a non-fiction anthology on being a woman in 21st Century, edited by Heather McDaid and Laura Jones, published by 404 Ink, Edinburgh, 2017

Print Press

The List
Jan 2017 Preview: the Audacious Women Festival
“With its collaborative and encouraging vibe, celebrating personal victories alongside historical groundbreakers, the Audacious Women Fest makes it easy to try something new.”

Sunday Mail
7/2/16 I’m happy Roosh V’s inadequates are not meeting in Scotland – but it’s not them who threatened me – it’s homegrown sexists
“I don’t believe in such a construct as a “masculine man” who we should expect to be disrespectful to women and who can’t be a victim of abuse. I do believe our society needs to stop shrugging these things off.”

Sunday Mail
8/5/16 Scottish Parliament 2016: Colours shuffled on map, but gender balance hasn’t evolved
“Since neither men nor women have a better inherent mental ability to stand up in Holyrood or talk tax, where there’s a disparity, there’s a problem.”


The Guardian
Is it Time for a Handmaid’s Tale Sequel, to Reckon with the Trump Era?
“The sharpness of Atwood’s depiction of structural oppression lies not only in the decrees in place to limit women’s freedom, but in psychological pressure. Hope is erased wherever possible, from the means of escape such as books – women aren’t allowed to read – and in more insidious ways, such as obscuring words with positive connotations on shop signs. Offred realises that when her generation – old enough to remember a different time – makes way for the next, there will be no frame of reference for those women to pin their resistance to.”

The Independent
We Have Prominent Female Political Leaders – but Where are the Rest of the Women?
“I was struck by the rarity of standing in front of my television after a particularly long day at work and catching an all-female panel discussing the economy and taxation on a news show. They were invited for their expertise on this all-impacting issue and not, as so often the case, restricted to the editorial boundaries of how it pertains to women alone. This, to me, felt like watching the moon landing, in a political media and representational makeup still closer to 1969 than it should be.”

Libertine Magazine
Pink Vacuum Politics
“There’s a fine line between creating space for women in politics and ghettoising them. Attempts to tackle ‘women’s issues’ must be inclusive, not exclusive.”

Bella Caledonia
Fix The Train, Then Get On It
“A moderate level of dissent and the ability to handle it is the nature of a healthy and productive campaign movement that will avoid stagnation.”

Scotland’s New Women
“We’re nearly at the end of an energetic campaign period. Regardless of which way the vote goes in the Scottish independence referendum, women have created greater space and visibility for themselves in Scottish political discourse.”

Scottish Book Trust
Using An E-Reader Doesn’t Mean Ditching the Paperback
“Books have always been a part of my identity, and for a long time, that has been as physical a belief as my own body.”

Reads of the Year 2016
“I’m tired of Reads of the Year lists filled with men recommending men. To redress the balance and shake things up a bit, I’ve curated my own light hearted Reads of the Year list for TYCI, inviting friends likely to have fun and interesting suggestions to share their tips on their favourite writing by women in 2016.”

Brock Turner and the Nature of Consent
“There is a widespread lack of basic understanding of what actually constitutes rape and what constitutes consent, and the Brock Turner case is only one striking example.”

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